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When should a boy start shaving and how often should a teenager shave

When should i start shaving

Teenage beard could be embarrassing for some young men especially boys that grow facial hair at young age so what’s the best age to start shaving.

Growing a beard as a teenager has no exact age and so is shaving, there are actually many factors that could indicate the best age to start shaving some are physiological and some are psychological.

Not only teenagers are asking this questions also some concerned over protecting moms trying to get the best for their kids, well ladies if you’re asking for the best age for your kid to start shaving it’s a flashy big sign he’s not your little kid any more.

Shaving is a manly practice and it is up to the teenager himself to take this decision, no one has the right nor can he give advice or indications about when to start shaving.

Parents and preferably fathers or elder brothers could give some advice on how to shave so the teenager don’t cut himself much (he probably will cut himself in the first few shaves) but it is unadvised to suggest the teenager should start shaving.

When do guys start growing facial hair?

The average beard growth age is around 15 years old but that is not necessarily true for all teenagers as some boys may grow a beard way before that age and others may experience late beard growth.

Signs and rumors of beard and mustache start to show up at the early age of 12 with a small Chinese mustache and sideburns hairs.

Generally by the age of 15 boys have a small mustache and little hairs on the sideburns.

Growing a beard at 16 is the normal if we may call it so, it sure not a full heavy beard but it is a beard that could be trimmed.

When should a boy start shaving his face?

As I said earlier many factors could lead to that crucial moment some are physiological since some boys may have beards at early age and perhaps a big mustache by the age of 12 or 13 which could be embarrassing so shaving at age 12 would be perfectly acceptable, and some guys may not have any hair at 16 and they just won’t feel a need to start shaving.

As for the psychological reasons that could have a teenager make the decision mostly it’s the bullying part of it as we all know having a beard too early or too late cause you to attract unwanted attention in school, and we all know how that goes.

Most teenagers shave their beards for the first time without telling anyone so shaving cuts and using non proper razor is a fact, it is advised to have a spear razor around if he decides to make the decision.

How often should a teenager shave?

How often should a teenager shave and what types of shaving should he choose

Once the teenager answers the question when should I start shaving, he will have another not less important question to answer how often should he shave his beard.

There are some false ideas circling around about how often to shave the beard to help grow your beard faster but none of which are true shaving your beard more often does not make it any thicker nor speeds up the growth process.

Yet again shaving is relative to the beard itself, some guys may grow beards faster so they will need to shave it more often, teenagers with patchy beards don’t need to shave it every day.

However being a teenager means you probably going to be dealing with some puberty problems such as acne, now this is a very important point to focus on does growing a beard worsen your acne?

Shaving a lot with an acne problem could actually make it worst, so perhaps shaving once every few days is good enough for teenagers since they don’t have that thick of a beard to be dealing with.

Are shaved teen boys better looking?

A young boy with mustache on may look a bid funny and get some unwanted attention but an average teenager with a small beard may look actually better with a beard.

Shaved guys don’t necessarily look better these days, the beard is back with a vengeance and it’s getting more popularity and god only knows how well associated the terms popularity and teenager are, so having a beard as a teenager could be a great option.

Yet the teen beard isn’t often great looking since it’s not thick enough or maybe patchy but there are some teenage beard styles that are actually great.

Teenagers should if of course they have a beard even a patchy one different beard styles until they find one that matches their face structure and their own style.

The years of shaved guys are better looking are long gone going for a beard as a style is now very trendy even with a patchy beard and there are a lot of celebrities going for the beard even whit patchy beards.

Types of shaving

There are actually many types of shaving creams razors and products but what we mean by types of shaving is the basic old question, should I shave using a razor or go with the trimmer.

Both have cons and pros but at this point being a teenager it is advised to go with what will be easier since you got plenty of other factors to consider such as acne and body oils on your face.

What I would recommend for a young man willing to shave especially a patchy beard or mustache is to go for the trimmer especially younger teenagers who grow beards at early ages, the trimmer is way easier to use and much safer for the young men than a razor blade.

Shaving is no easy task, grownups do get cuts on the face while shaving and they are supposed to be experienced, having an acne problem could get worst with razor cuts since the bacteria in the acne could spread through the little cuts in the skin and infect other areas.

The razor sure gives the neat clean look but still when having a thin beard a trimmer gives also great results plus to have traces of a beard is also cool and good looking for a teenager, it gives the elder look and yet you don’t have the embarrassing Chinese mustache popping of your face.

When and how often should a boy shave is really a personal matter of the teenager to decide, it is up to him only to decide whether he wants to shave or grow a beard.

No one should interfere with the shaving decision even parents, giving advice on how to do it safe is great but the when part is sacred, it is a transition from the infant and teenage era to the young manhood every young man should take that transitory step when he feels ready to.

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