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how to grow a beard as a teenager and what are the teenage beard growth stages

Teen beard

Growing a beard as a teenager is one of the first dilemmas young men have to deal with, as we all know being a teenager is tough enough with the puberty going on and the crucial decisions they have to make for their studies that will shape their path in life.

Believe it or not teen beard growth could actually be a factor in shaping a young man’s personality and decisions for the future, am I exaggerating?Not at all, late beard growth could have some real damaging consequences on a young man’s self confidence and esteem making him introvert.

At what age can you grow a beard?

Growing a beard is one of the mysteries of the human genetics; no one can define the beard growth age for a man, some guys grow a beard at 16 some at 15 and others may experience late beard growth up till their late 20s, mostly teenagers tend to be closer to their fathers in the matter of the beard growth stages but still this is not always true, as we sometimes can see brothers with completely different facial hair growth.

In some cases some guys may not grow a beard or grow a patchy beard up till their 30s but those are very uncommon cases of late beard growth.

Regular and average beard growth age varies from 13 to 18 years old and by that we are talking about teenage beards not full beards as for sure a teenager growing a beard at the age of 13 and 14 would for sure have a thick beard at the age of 18.

Teenage beard growth stages

teenage beard growth starts with the patchy Chinese mustache then hair grows on the sideburns

Most teen beards start with the little Chinese mustache and some stray hairs on the sideburns, these beard signs may show up at age 12 up till 16 based on how hairy the teenager is going to be and how fast is his beard going to grow.

Most of the facial hair growth at the beginning takes place in those two areas the lips area and sideburns and gets thicker with time along with baby hairs growing all over the face and growing thicker with time up till the full teenage beard phase and we do not mean by that a full grown beard but a teen beard we can actually shave and perhaps trim.

When should a boy start shaving?

When should a boy start shaving his face is the question every teenager with signs of beard is asking, well just like the teenager beard growth it depends on how thin the facial hair looks and how embarrassed the teen is with it. Having a few hairs here and there could be a bit embarrassing for a teenager and shaving it maybe the better option.

Other guys may get a nice looking mustache that they could keep the shaving decision is really up to the teenager himself to take he just has to get some new shaving tools for sure.

Is shaving makes a teen beard grow faster?

Shaving your beard has nothing to do with making it grow faster nor thicker, you can shave it every day and still the beard growth will remain the same.

Some teens believe (grown men too) that shaving your beard at early age and constantly makes it grow faster and thicker, which is totally not true since thickness of the beard and growth speed are completely related to genetics and some small factors such as the general health of the teenager and diet; but still those are just small factors and believe me I know a lot about this point.

I myself had a beard at very early age I had a big mustache and sideburns at the age of 14 it was a bit embarrassing to be honest but I was under the impression that shaving the beard will make it worst and grow faster and my general health wasn’t perfect at all and still facial hair grew like fur ball on my face.

Teenage beard growth

There is actually two phases of teenage beard growth, the first is at the early stages and at young age under 15 years old where the mustache and beard are a bit considered embarrassing and may cause kids and schoolmates to make fun of, I had this problem too, when you are the only kid with a mustache in the class you sure will get unwanted attention.

Kids who grow beards at very early ages should actually shave sooner to avoid some possible embarrassment.

On the other hand with phase two which is after 15 years old when the teenager turns into a young man not having a beard will be the problem instead of being made fun of for not having it.

Some teenagers may feel a bit rejected and even experience some low self-esteem periods due to the late growth of facial hair.

Teenagers could be mean sometimes and they are constantly looking for reasons to bullying other kids, not having a beard when every classmate has could be a big problem especially for teens who already struggle to find their place in the group.

This issue is so serious it could really affect a teenager’s personality and cause low self confidence and difficulties being sociable.

The teenage years are crucial for shaping the man’s personality and some damage may have some long term consequences.

Teenage beard style

Their are many teenage beard styles a young man could choose of and look great even with thin beard hair

Teenagers are constantly looking for what’s trendy and new and trying always to keep up with their favorite stars, but when it comes to growing a beard it may be a bit tricky, since most teenagers don’t have enough beard for some kind of styles.

However that doesn’t mean they can’t have some cool beard styles to show off at school, there are actually plenty of cool beards for teenagers to try.

Most of these styles are used by grown men with patchy beards, since a teenager will probably have hair in some areas of his face making his choices a bit limited.

Beard for teenagers can be either a problem or a boost to their self-esteem knowing how to grow a beard as a teenager could serve you well in social life especially at high school and college for young men and it could be a disappointing for others craving to have cool looking beard but still have the Chinese mustache and patchy fur.

As for the young teenagers who grow their beards at very early age one piece of advice shave it for now and just take those laughs like a man you’ll get back on them hard in a couple of years when you got the epic beard they would kill for while they struggle with patchy beards.

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