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3 teenagers with no facial hair, they have late beard growth


As a teenager beard is important to complete the manly look and the transition to manhood, sadly this great transition often hits a solid wall, late beard growth.

So what is late beard growth? Who’s experiencing it? And how to deal with it?

Believe it or not this is a very common problem than you may think, although I wouldn’t call it a problem for more than a few extreme cases.

What is late beard growth?

It is simply not being able to grow a beard as a teenager until the late 20s, but then how do we define this or diagnose this case, is there a normal beard growth age, not really it is simply relevant to many variant factors we can never predict, genetics the environment and diet …Etc.

But generally speaking we can assume that a teenager beard should start to show around 16 to 20 years old, passed that age if the teen can’t a beard and still has no facial hair ( thick facial hair because baby hairs will always be there even for women), then we can say it’s a late beard growth case.

Slow beard growth

Often people get confused between late beard growth and slow beard growth which are completely two separate things, we have already explained the late beard growth, now slow beard growth is when the teenager can grow a beard, a regular normal beard like any other teen beard, but the facial hair takes a lot of time to grow.

This situation is not only a teenage beard case even grown men can have slow beard growth, and yet again it is not a problem it’s just genetics, just like the hair on our heads some people grow it faster than others as long as the beard is there then it’s normal.

We all remember growing up as kids some of us grow taller just faster than others whit the puberty and hormones rush, but that did not mean that the ones that grow faster were still taller later.

Teen beard growth

Teenager beard could be confusing to some young men, as the teenage beard growth stages could be really different from a person to another, some teenagers grow beards at early age other grow it faster and others take much longer.

There is no regular teenage beard growth every case is different so you should not compare yourself to others, there a lot of guys asking about when they are going to grow a beard, and why is their beard patchy, while they actually have normal beards.

How to deal with late beard growth

First know that there are no magic products that will make your beard show up in a few days, you pretty much have to accept what you’ve got and know that it will eventually grow.

Dealing with a late beard growth is more of a psychological process than a physiological one, not having a thick beard as a teenager does not in any way mean that he has a general slow growth process.

There are actually teenage beard styles to opt for to cover the late beard growth since there will be a beard it’s just not a thick one and there will be some facial hair in some areas that could be if well used a great cover till the teen could grow more facial hair.

When having a late beard growth, avoid comparing yourself to others because this beard thing is a very variable matter.

Do not use any products for hair growth stimulating products unless a doctor says so, your face has already plenty of oils and there is too much hormones in your system with the puberty to add more of it to your face.

If hair grows normal in other parts of your body then you are perfectly normal and do not need to check with a doctor.Accept yourself and be Comfortable about your beard and you’ll pass it on to people.

There are actually plenty of people dealing with late beard growth and some are well known superstars, so if they can feel good about their looks and pass this so can you.

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  1. if you don't grow a beard at 16 you probably will have a patchy baby beard.