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There is no normal beard growth age it's a genetics matter that has nothing to do with standards

Beard growth age

Are you about to turn 16 and your face still have no facial hairs on it.

Don’t freak out yet!

It is important to grow a beard for teenagers nowadays with the beard coming back in styles and coming back hard.

Every teen with a beard is considered cool now and 16 seems to have become the standard beard growth age, but should you really be wondering how to grow a beard at 16?

Not really if you take a look at beard forums and websites and check out comments and posts you will notice that most guys are asking the same question :<<I’m 27 and I can’t grow a beard, I’m 30 and my beard is so patchy ..Etc>> give it a try and do check it out it’s not just you and it’s not necessarily a late beard growth.

What is the normal teenage beard growth?

There is no normal beard growth there is an average where most teens start growing their beard but that varies from countries to skin color to race, what you should know is that you will eventually grow a beard sooner or later the beard grows thicker as we age.

Teenagers are inpatient people for many things in life and beards are no exception, they tend to compare their selves to other teens to figure out what’s normal and what’s trendy.

Bottom line there will be no 16 years old teenager with absolutely no hair on his face but still on the other hand there is no full bearded kid running around either, so you believe it or not you actually are normal.

Facial hair development

The beard growth starts with a thin mustache first or the Chinese mustache that grows thicker and takes a few years to show along with some long hairs on the sideburns.

The hair around the lips grows faster in the first couple years then other lower parts of the chin and sideburns and down the nick area.

With time the baby hairs that grow on the face start to grow thicker till about your 30s and that’s the max your beard is going to get past 35 years old you won’t notice any changes in your beard.

The teenage facial hair growth is different from person to person and genetics cover 90% of the beard growth age, so there is actually no need to panic plus you can really expect it since you’re probably going to grow a beard the same age your father did.

Should I shave my mustache?

Since the mustache is the first facial hair that shows up at young age and it could be a bit embarrassing some young boys are wondering if they should shave it.

It’s really up to you, a boy with mustache doesn’t always look weird some teens grow cool facial hair at the start, and shaved teen boys doesn’t always look better than the ones with small patchy beards.

It’s a matter of perspectives and what makes you ashamed today may make you popular in a year.

So it’s really up to you and what your father gave you.

Well to get to the bottom of this beard growth age idea here is what you need to consider:

There is no normal beard growth age whatsoever and nobody can set standards for it.

Beard growth is related to your genetics your skin color the climate where you grow up where you grow up (hot countries usually have a faster hair growth and they reach puberty faster).

You most probably are going to grow a beard similar to your fathers so get ready in advance.

Help your system with a good healthy diet because hair is a part of your body and when you are in good shape so will be your facial hair.

And most importantly accept your beard no matter how it is it’s a part of you and if you feel good about it you’ll pass it on to people.

Try a beard style that matches your face and facial hair density.

teenage beard styles are multiple choosing the right one gives you a great look even with thin beard

There are plenty of cool teenage beard styles choosing the right one may help you get a great look even with a thin patchy beard.

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