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Grow a teenage beard

Growing a beard as a teenager is an important matter especially at age 16, plenty of teenagers feel the need to grow their beard at age 16 to get that manly look and to simply look older.

The older you look the more seriously people will take you, it is partly true but it is not just up to the beard to look more serious and older.

The question how to grow a beard is often asked among young men who may experience late beard growth.

Teenagers are looking for some tips and ways to make the beard grow earlier and faster but what is the average beard growth age?

Growing a beard as a teenager

Teen facial hair is mostly thin and patchy as most areas are covered with baby hairs, that’s of course for the regular teenager some may grow a thick beard by the age of 16 and some may never be able to grow a thick beard ever.

So what decides beard growth age? It is 90% genetics so you do want to ask your father when did he start growing his beard because it’s probably going to be the same thing for you.

Now what about the other 10%? Well it’s up to other factors such as your general health, like any part of your body being healthy affects everything on your system so maintain a good health.

Diet is also a part of the hair growth process since your hair needs some substances to help it grow that you actually get from food so keeping a good diet will help a little grow your beard.

Exercising is actually good for everything it can be added to general health as when you are constantly working out your system is better and alerted.

How to grow beard faster for teenagers

As I just explained there is almost nothing you can do to grow your beard faster, plenty of guys suggest using some beard products and oils to help you grow your beard faster, I strongly recommend not to use any beard product as a teenager, now as a teen your body is experiencing significant changes hormones are to the roof and puberty is taking over.

The last thing you want to do is add products and oils the a combination of over produced hormones and body oils, most teen have a hard time dealing with acne and products and oils may worsen your acne.

There is no magic solution for growing a beard faster it’s a matter of time and there almost zero teenager at the age of 16 with a full grown beard anyway.

How to deal with late beard growth

late beard growth can have other teenagers bullying you or even beard growth at early age can have the same effect on your social life as a teen

If you are experiencing a case of late beard growth where you actually don’t show any signs of even patchy thin beard and you are 16, you just have to learn how to deal with it, what’s the point of having the beard at 16 anyway isn’t it for the manly look.

How about dealing with the matter like a man and accepting it instead of looking like a man.

You just have to accept yourself as it is and you should know that the percentage of guys with thick heavy awesome beards is very small and most of them will end up shaving it anyway.

When you accept yourself others will accept you, if you have no problem with your beard others won’t notice it.

What you actually can do

As I said before the beard growth is mostly genetics but so there isn’t much you can do on that part, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up.

The point of having a beard at age 16 is to have a manlier look and to feel and be taken seriously; having a beard is not the only way to do that.

How about acting manlier if you start to act like a man people will treat you as one it’s as simple as that, if you think hard you will probably think of a relative with a big beard that nobody is taking seriously and everyone consider childish.

Dress like a grown person and behave like one, and work out; working out builds those muscles especially if you start at a young age that will give you a way better result than growing a beard a thick beard while you’re 4.5 feet tall, you simply look ridiculous as a 3d grade kid with a man’s face.

Building muscles and eating well dressing like man (live your age just don’t wear ridiculous clothes and expect people to take you seriously) acting responsible are far manlier than a beard on a kid.

Beard growing tips for teenagers

First thing accept your beard no matter how it is, we don’t choose how our beard will look like just we can’t control how tall are we or how good looking we are.

Be healthy sleep well eat well and workout that will actually help you get better and healthier beard.

Keep away from beard oils and products, your system have already too much hormones and oils to deal with.

Avoid caffeine and tobacco, and that’s an advice for every teenager beard or not smoking will eventually kill you and you look like “shit” at 40 years old sorry but that’s the way it is.

Choose a teenage beard style don’t try to go for beard styles that your favorite actor or band has on choose a beard style that matches your face and that you actually can grow on, there are cool teenage beard styles to choose from that matches every beard you can think of even small patchy thin beards.

The main question is not how to grow a beard at 16 but how to start acting like a man at 16, that’s the age when you will have to make some great decisions that will shape your entire future, being man enough to make good decisions is far more important than growing a teenage beard.

Focus on important matters you will have on your hand at that age and enjoy life because you’re about to get start your grown up life.

The beard can actually teach you a valuable lesson in life, you will soon learn that just like beards everything good in life takes time to grow and to be built take your time and accept what you have.

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